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New Vermont Democratic Party Leader Discusses Politics

Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Josh Massey
Josh Massey
Vermont Democratic Party Executive Director Josh Massey

Vermont Democrats control both chambers of the Legislature and are strongly positioned to retain power in the November elections.  A new poll commissioned by Vermont Public Radio and Vermont PBS shows Republican Governor Phil Scott’s favorability has dropped to 45 percent, boosting the hopes of the four candidates in August’s Democratic primary.  Last week, Josh Massey took over as the executive director of the Vermont Democratic Party.  He had worked for the Vermont Democratic Party before moving to Vancouver in 2015. But he returned following the Democratic losses in the 2016 election.  Massey explains why he wants to lead the state party.
"I was the coordinated campaign director in 2014 for the Vermont Democratic Party and a field organizer in 2012 and so I’m very familiar with the folks that run the party and the members and the legislators. And so I wanted to, as the chance came open, to serve as the executive director and it was something I was very happy to apply for and I want to continue to push the party forward and build a sold future for us."

All seats in the Vermont Legislature as well as the Governor and Lieutenant Governor are on November’s ballot.  U.S Democratic Representative Peter Welch, a Democrat, and Independent Senator Bernie Sanders, who caucuses with Democrats, also face re-election.