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Vermont Congressman Discusses Crowley Loss And Recent Issues

Congressman Peter Welch
Congressman Peter Welch's office
Public Domain
Congressman Peter Welch

Vermont Congressman Peter Welch was first elected to the U.S. House in 2006 and is now the House Democratic Caucus Chief Deputy Whip.  He is among the many people stunned by the defeat of Representative Joe Crowley by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York’s 14th District Democratic primary this week. Welch says while those who know Crowley are stung by the loss, the winner has excited voters.

“This candidate who won electrified that district. She ran a very solid wonderful campaign. And I think there is a message here. And that is reinforced the point of view that Democrats have to have an agenda that addresses inequality, the cost of housing, the cost of health care, access to higher education.  All of these were principle arguments in her candidacy. And I think she caught fire in that district and that is a message that reinforces my point of view that Democrats have to be more than just against Trump. We have to be for something that could help everyday Americans in all of our districts rural and urban.” 

Democrat Peter Welch is Vermont’s at-large Congressman. Two other Democrats, two Republicans and one third party candidate are challenging him in Vermont’s August 14th primary.

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