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Hinds Hopes Funds For Pittsfield Police Station Is Included In Capital Bond Bill

This is a picture of the inside of the Pittsfield Police station
Jim Levulis

A capital bond bill is making its way through the Massachusetts legislature. It includes $4 million to redesign Pittsfield’s police station.

State Senator Adams Hinds says the Pittsfield police station has inadequate, out-of-date facilities.

“This has been an ongoing saga that we have a station that was built in the 30s, and I just learned recently that it’s on a list for movie sites when folks want to film what an old police station looks like. It just gives you a sample of the condition our police officers are operating under,” Hinds says.

In 2011, Pittsfield allocated $83,000 to replace boilers to curb the facility’s heating issue. But rooms flood, there is asbestos contamination, and there’s not enough space for the growing department.

Hinds hopes to add Pittsfield to the state’s bond bill, which includes $45 million for Springfield’s police station.

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