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Berkshire Museum Legal Dispute Will Move To A Higher Court In Boston

JD Allen
Berkshire Superior Court in Pittsfield

The legal dispute over the controversial plan to sell art to fund an expansion and endowment at the Berkshire Museum in Pittsfield, Massachusetts is moving to a higher court in Boston. 

The state attorney general's office appealed a November 7th Berkshire Superior Court decision green-lighting the sale after Norman Rockwell’s three sons and museum members brought suit. Two of Rockwell’s works are among the items the museum wants to sell.

Appeals Court Justice Joseph Trainor in Boston approved a one-month injunction November 10th, stopping the sale.

Museum lawyers have asked for an expedited hearing in Pittsfield, concerned that a delay in the action will harm the institution’s relationship with auction house Sotheby’s and reduce the art’s value.

Trainor issued a statement saying: “To the extent clarification is needed, all proceedings in the trial court are stayed pending further order of the single justice.” 

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