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Retired Vermont AG Deposed In Public Records Case

Former Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell
WAMC/Pat Bradley
Former Vermont Attorney General Bill Sorrell

A retired Vermont Attorney general testified in a public records case Monday.  But the attorney for a group seeking access to public records that could be contained in the private email account of former Attorney General William Sorrell says Sorrell refused to answer 95 percent of the questions posed to him.
Matthew Hardin, of the Washington-based Energy and Environment Legal Institute, said following Monday's deposition that he didn't feel Sorrell complied with a judge's order to answer questions about whether public records could exist in Sorrell's private email account.

Hardin said he could ask a judge to order Sorrell to be more forthcoming

Vermont's current Attorney General, T.J. Donovan, said it's not unusual for people not to answer all questions during a deposition.

The Institute is seeking information about whether Sorrell was involved in a coordinated investigation into ExxonMobil and climate change.

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