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Vermont High Court Says Private Emails Can Be Public Records

Vermont Supreme Court building, Montpelier
Geared Bull/Wikipedia
Vermont Supreme Court building, Montpelier

The Vermont Supreme Court says the state's public records law can extend to the private email accounts of state employees if those messages otherwise meet the state's definition of a public record.
The Friday ruling came in a case brought by Charlotte attorney Brady Toensing who sought messages in which he claims a number of state employees conducted state business with private emails.

Both Toensing and Attorney General T.J. Donovan called the ruling a victory.

Toensing called it a complete vindication for his position.

Donovan says it strikes a balance between complying with the Vermont Public Records Act and the privacy of state employees.

The ruling says that when the state is asked for public emails, employees can be asked to produce any public documents in their private accounts.

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