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Restaurant Bans Tipping, Raises Prices For Better Salaries

Tzuhsun Hsu/Flickr

A New Hampshire restaurant is banning tips in favor of raising menu prices to give its staff a salary of $45,000 to $50,000 per year.
The owners of 7th Settlement Brewery in Dover say they are the first restaurant in New Hampshire to ban tipping starting on Labor Day. The rationale behind the change is to offer full-time benefits and time off.

Co-founder David Boynton says they will call it "hospitality included" and will raise menu prices by 15 to 21 percent in order to make up the difference. He says the change is so every employee makes the same wage.

Sean Conroy, a server at the restaurant, says he's nervous about the changes, but is excited about the opportunity to equalize pay.

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