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Eversource Cuts Back Proposed Rate Hike In Western Mass.

Facebook: Eversource MA

Eversource plans to scale back its proposed rate hikes in Western Massachusetts. The adjustment will still mean an increase for ratepayers.

Eversource filed with the state Department of Public Utilities in January to raise its electricity rates next year by more than $96 million and $50 million annually for the next four years.

In a filing Thursday, Eversource is now cutting back on the share Western Massachusetts customers will pay – but spokesperson Priscilla Ress says the company isn’t sure yet by how much.

“What we are doing is we are offering an alternative to our original proposal based on the feedback that we received during the public hearings and we heard that feedback loud and clear,” Ress says.

Eversource wanted to charge customers about $36 million in 2018.

Opponents say the hike unfairly burdens residents and businesses in Berkshire County. Average users would pay roughly $150 more a year.

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