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This Summer, Western Mass. Will Have Lower Eversource Prices

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Amid a request to the state Department of Public Utilities to raise its rates for the next four years, Eversouce has announced that Western Massachusetts will have lower electricity prices this summer.  

Summer usually means high electricity use to keep the air conditioning running. Eversource spokesperson Priscilla Ress says the utility’s Basic Service supply rate will be reduced 6 percent.

“We make no money off of the sale of electricity,” Ress says. “This is something that is a pass-through to our customers.”

Ress says residential customers who use an average of 550 kilowatt-hours of electricity will pay roughly $112 total.

The request is awaiting approval by the DPU as part of a routine change to Basic Services every six months.  

Eversource is also waiting for the DPU to finalize its request to raise Western Massachusetts customers’ electric rates by more than $36 million next year and $8 million annually for the next four years.

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