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Boy, 14, Searched At Airport, Told He's On Watch List

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A 14-year-old New Hampshire boy taking a flight to a baseball tournament in Florida was shocked when airport authorities said he was on a U.S. government watch list.
Peter Haas, of Keene, said Transportation Security agents gave him extra screening and a pat down at Logan International Airport last week. His father said they pulled the soles out of his shoes, looked at his phone, and rubbed him down for bomb residue.

The TSA said it vets all airline passenger names against the watch lists, and that it uses a variety of screenings, including random selection. Haas' mother, Pam Jaquith, said a supervisor said the screening wasn't random and she needed to contact the Homeland Security Department.

Peter Haas was eventually allowed on the plane.

The FBI said it couldn't comment as to how his name ended up on the list.

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