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29 Students On School Bus In Minor Crash, 4 Go To Hospital

Picture of a Vermont School Bus
Jared C. Benedict/Wikimedia Commons
File picture of a Vermont School Bus

Vermont State Police say four of 29 students on a school bus involved in a minor crash were taken to a hospital for evaluation.

Police say all injuries were considered minor in the crash, which happened at about 7:15 a.m. Monday in Newbury.

They say the driver, 65-year-old William Jones, of Piermont, New Hampshire, was traveling east when he tried to make room for an oncoming vehicle. He steered the bus toward the edge of the road, but his passenger-side tires traveled onto the soft shoulder, which began to give way from the bus' weight.

Jones was unable to steer it back onto the road. A couple of trees prevented the bus from rolling all the way over.

The students attend Newbury Elementary School and Oxbow High School.

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