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Connecticut Recovered $6.1 Million In Wages Owed To Workers

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy says the state Labor Department has recovered more than $6.1 million in wages due to workers in the state during the fiscal year ending June 30.

Malloy said in a statement on the eve of Labor Day the effort "reflects the importance we place on protecting our state's workforce, as well as law-abiding employers."

Connecticut Labor Commissioner Sharon Palmer said the money includes nearly $1.5 million recovered after more than 2,300 complaints from workers that they hadn't been paid. Another $788,000 was recovered for workers who didn't get the required minimum wage or overtime. More than $1.6 million was owed to workers paid the incorrect amount while working at public contract construction sites.

The state also investigated 253 cases of other labor law violations including improper conditions for underage workers.

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