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Environmentalists Fear Massachusetts Solar Growth In Jeopardy

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An environmental group warns solar power growth in Massachusetts is threatened by a months-long stalemate over the future of a program to compensate the owners of solar installations.

To make the case for net-metering, which allows roof-top solar owners to receive credits for the power generated, Environment Massachusetts produced a report that compiles 11 seperate cost-benefit analyses of solar energy. 

Ben Hellerstein, state director of the environmental group, said their report highlights the societal and environmental benefits of solar.

" Net-metering is a fair way to compensate solar owners," he said.  " State officials should act immediately to raise the caps and commit to ambitious solar goals."

Utility companies argue that without net-metering caps, non-solar power users get stuck with all the costs for maintaining the electric grid.  The Baker administration says it wants a long term solution to encourage more solar power without subsidies.

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