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Leahy And Sanders Both Vote Against Trade Pact Authority

Wikimedia/Public Domain

Both of Vermont's U.S. senators have voted no in a losing effort to block President Barack Obama's push for the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal with 12 Asian nations.

The Senate voted 60-37 on Tuesday to close debate and advance legislation allowing the administration so called "fast-track" authority to negotiate the deal. Under that provision, Congress would vote on the final Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, but could not amend it.

Senator Bernie Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, says the trade deal will mean a continuation of disastrous trade policies that have cost millions of American jobs.   “We need a new trade policy.  A policy that represents working families and not just the big money interests.”

Senator Patrick Leahy says he objects to Congress giving up too much of its advise-and-consent role under fast-track legislation.

Supporters of the trade deal maintain it will make it easier to sell U.S. goods abroad.

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