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Responders Back In Clarksburg Forest Battling Fire

Jim Levulis

Responders are back on the scene of a brushfire in Clarksburg State Forest that about a dozen agencies have been battling on and off since Wednesday in the northern Berkshires.About 40 people made the one-hour hike into Clarksburg State Forest Friday morning to put out hotspots that popped up Thursday night outside of the 189-acre area that has burned over the past few days, according to Berkshire County fire warden Margaret Carnevale.

“Yes, it was being monitored,” Carnevale said. “You could see the smoke come up last night and it was watched all night by some local firefighters.”

Carnevale says they don’t expect to request water drops by a National Guard helicopter this time. A helicopter made multiple drops of 500 gallons of water for more than two hours Thursday while 70 people fought the fire on the ground.

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