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Patriots Parade To Be Held As Boston Digs Out From Record Snow


The parade for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots will be held in Boston Wednesday even though the city is still digging out from a record setting snowfall and the subway system is having weather-related breakdowns.

    Boston Mayor Martin Walsh said the parade can’t be postponed until Saturday as many have suggested, because the players will soon be leaving the region for their off-season homes.

    " If I felt it ( the parade) was going to be a public safety issue I would cancel it," Walsh said Tuesday. " But right now I think we'll be fine."

           Walsh did warn fans not to stand on snow banks along the parade route because it is dangerous. Boston received a record 40.5 inches of snow over a span of seven days. 

     Windchills are forecast to be in the teens when the parade begins at 11 a.m.

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