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New Hampshire Governor Leads Trade Trip To Turkey

Maggie Hassan
New Hampshire Governor's office

New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan is leading a trade mission to Turkey in hopes of spurring trade with the Granite State. She discussed the trip on a conference call this week.

New Hampshire Democrat Maggie Hassan is traveling with a delegation that includes representatives from seven companies and the state’s Commissioner of the Department of Resources and Economic Development.  The group partnered with the Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists of Turkey and the Turkish Cultural Center for a series of meetings in the country’s capital of Ankara and in Istanbul. Individual sessions have been held between potential trading partners and the business representatives traveling with the governor. Governor Hassan, who spoke to media via cell from Turkey, characterized the trip as productive and informative. “First and foremost we are on this trade mission to emphasize to the Turkish people and Turkish businesses how much New Hampshire values international trade and how important it is to our economic growth and job creation. We’ve also been emphasizing the mutual benefits that can come out of a long-term, on-going relationship with an important international trading partner.”

Hassan says her role is to promote the state. She believes they are having success in their outreach to Turkey’s businesspeople and organizations.  “Turkey is now about the 17th largest economy in the world. It has become our 12th largest partner and it is a growing and vibrant economy. Turkish businesspeople understand how seriously New Hampshire takes international trade.  That has helped us facilitate senior level meetings and make sure that our businesses have the opportunity to meet with businesses who might not otherwise respond to our inquiries.”    

Department of Resources and Economic Development Commissioner Jeff Rose has been promoting New Hampshire as a strategic opportunity for Turkey businesses.  “Much like Turkey is a strategic location for New Hampshire businesses that are looking to promote business in Europe and the Middle East, New Hampshire is a good strategic location for launching product into New England, the Northeast and the eastern Canadian provinces. They’ve been very interested in our geographic location as well as by our tax structure,  low tax, and our low cost of business state.”

MAE Consulting specializes in compliance and regulatory compliance services in the medical and pharmaceutical sector. President and owner Janet Kwiakowski says having state-level officials on the trip has enhanced potential opportunities. “This trade mission has opened my company to opportunities that I would not otherwise have had. And the connections that I’ve made are very promising. I look forward to developing those relationships, more importantly long-term. I believe the high quality meetings that I’ve been able to be a part of have been better enabled by having the support of the most senior leader  of New Hampshire.”

Commissioner Rose reports that Turkish entrepreneurs have expressed interest in the state’s energy, medical device, transportation, biomass and wood products, textiles and commodity goods sectors. The businesses are intrigued by the Granite State’s infrastructure including its deep water port, international trade port, airports,  highways and development center.

The group will return Friday.

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