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Group Protests Natural Gas Pipeline


A group that opposes a natural gas pipeline to extend service to Vermont's Addison and Rutland counties has protested outside of the company's headquarters.

Members of Rising Tide Vermont said the pipeline will increase reliance on fossil fuels responsible for climate change. They protested in front of Vermont Gas headquarters in South Burlington on Tuesday morning.

One woman chained herself to the front door. As this was happening, Vermont Gas said a female worker suffered an arm injury as protesters pushed her out of the way. In an email response, Rising Tide said their members participated in a nonviolent direct action at Vermont Gas Systems' headquarters and denied allegations that an assault occurred.

Steve Wark of Vermont Gas tells WCAX-TV the group is out of step with the majority of Vermont residents, who really want natural gas.

Police issued trespass notices to the protesters. Most voluntarily left. At least one person was taken away in handcuffs.

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