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Senate Gun Control Vote Angers Conn. Officials

Martinez Monsivais

Connecticut officials are reacting with shock and anger after the U.S. Senate rejected gun control legislation inspired by the school shootings in Newtown.

State lawmakers recently passed a sweeping bipartisan package of measures including a ban on high-capacity ammunition magazines and an expanded assault weapons ban.

State Republican House Leader Lawrence Cafero Jr. appeared stunned the U.S. Senate couldn't pass a background checks compromise. He says "I just don't understand how you could vote no."

Democratic Governor Dannel Malloy says senators who voted against the measure "should be ashamed of themselves."

Mark Barden's son Daniel was killed on December 14 in the massacre. He appeared with President Barack Obama following the vote yesterday. He says families are returning home "disappointed but not defeated."

Neil Heslin, whose 6-year-old son Jesse Lewis was killed, calls the vote discouraging but says the process is only just beginning.

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