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Fairpoint Communications' Official Fights Phone Scammers

The head of Fairpoint Communications in Vermont is trying to stop seniors from being bilked by fighting back against phone scammers.

Fairpoint Communications Vermont State President Mike Smith is redoubling his efforts against phone scammers after Fairpoint’s internal security team and a York County, Maine law enforcement official alerted him to a call that had been recorded, and is now using as part of a public awareness campaign.

Fairpoint has set up a website Beware-of-876-dot-com, because, Mike Smith says, most scam calls are from Jamaica.

Smith attended a Lottery Scam Forum in Jamaica last week in an attempt to get Jamaican officials to be more proactive in solving the problem.

The Vermont Attorney General’s office Consumer Assistance Program Coordinator Jason Duquette-Hoffman says there are red flags to help recognize a potential scammer.

The AARP Vermont focuses efforts on educating seniors, and others, on avoiding the traps scammers set, according to spokesman David Reville.

Advocates say ninety to ninety-five percent of these types of scams are unreported.