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Consortium of Rural Towns Support Wind Development, Opponents Say Sampling Too Small


Renewable energy advocates are praising a vote by a rural consortium of towns in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom supporting wind development.  But opponents say the sample is too small to be of consequence.

At the annual meeting of the Unified Towns and Gores of Essex County, voters supported wind projects by 24 to 16.  Renewable Energy Vermont Gabrielle Stebbins says it reaffirms what other polls and votes across the state have determined.

Vermonters for a Clean Environment opposes commercial scale wind development.  Executive Director Annette Smith scoffs at the results, saying only 8-percent of voters participated.

Vermont Public Interest Research Group Executive Director Paul Burns counters that all polls are showing overwhelming support for wind development.

Meanwhile, 6 protesters of the Lowell Mountain wind project were found guily of trespassing Wednesday for blocking a road leading to the project.  Steve Wright opposes the Lowell Mountain turbine project.  He was not among those charged, but was in court to observe the proceedings. Wright was surprised by the verdict, but says it won’t stop their efforts.

The vote in the Northeast Kingdom was taken because a company wants to erect meteorological towers to measure wind for a proposed new project.