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Early Start and End to MA Asparagus Season?


The warm March brought an early asparagus crop to farms that are known for it in western Massachusetts.  WAMC’s Tristan O’Neill reports…

Now farmers are wondering if the cool spring will bring an early end to the season.

Sunderland farmer Michael Wisserman tells The Republican of Springfield he wasn't fooled when the temperature hit the 80s in March. He knew cool weather was coming.

So even though he was harvesting in April, a full month earlier than normal, now he wonders if the season can last its usual length, into late June.

One thing local farmers say they have going for them is committed local consumers. Towns such as Hadley also have asparagus farms, and there's debate over where asparagus grows tastier.

While local growers compete against each other, they also face tough competition from the Midwest.

Tristan O’Neill, WAMC News. 

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Photo courtesy of Benson Kua via Flickr.