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Locked Box Challenge

Make your donation go twice as far and pledge to the Locked Box Challenge!

UPDATE: We've made the challenge ... but don't stop now! Every dollar raised in the Locked Box counts on DAY ONE of the Fund Drive!

WAMC had its fastest fund drive in recent history this past February and we heard from so many listeners about how much they appreciated a swift return to regular programming. This success was due in large part to the many members who pledged to the locked box before the drive began. One of our very generous listeners believes we can do it again! If you help WAMC raise $325,000 by the start of the fund drive on Monday, June 2nd, they will donate $25,000 to match your donation. Help us take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and pledge now to the Locked Box.

Thanks for all you do to support WAMC’s programming.

Pledge to the Locked Box!


We’re also excited to introduce a new, exclusive Locked Box premium.

For a pledge of $125 or more, we will send you a personalized WAMC mug. Just let us know what you’d like printed on it (limit 15 characters) and we’ll get it to you ASAP.