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Greyston CEO Says More Companies Should Implement Open Hiring

Greyston President and CEO Joe Kenner sports a t-shirt
Courtesy of Greyston
Greyston President and CEO Joe Kenner sports a t-shirt

A bakery in Yonkers has been using a so-called open hiring model for decades. Now it’s hoping that mainstream businesses warm up to the practice, especially during a time when diversity and inclusion are part of the national discussion. 

Greyston President and CEO Joe Kenner wants open hiring to be a key ingredient for mainstream companies.

Greyston is a nonprofit social justice enterprise. Greyston Bakery is a commercial operation, producing 40,000 pounds of brownies daily. Kenner says the time is right for corporations to adopt open hiring because inequities have been laid bare — from health care to employment. Kenner says open hiring is a practice and philosophy.

So far, open hiring has been mainly relegated to B-Corporations, which are companies whose mission is to earn profits while maintaining a social and environmental conscience.

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