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Sullivan County Invites Public Comment On Staggered Terms For Legislators

Courtesy of Sullivan County Legislature

There will be public hearings in Sullivan County, New York about potentially staggering legislators’ terms, an idea recommended by the county’s most recent Charter Review Commission.

Sullivan County legislators have agreed to set two hearings for the public to weigh in about potentially staggering the terms of members of the county legislature. If approved, legislators elected in November 2023 in four of the districts would serve a one-time two-year term; thereafter, the position would revert to a four-year term. And those elected in the other five districts in November 2023 would serve the usual four-year term. Nothing would change for the 2019 election. Public hearings on the staggered terms proposal are scheduled for March 7 in the evening and March 21 in the morning at the government center in Monticello. Legislators will then vote on whether to move forward with the plan.

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