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Orange County Hamlet Holds UFO Fair

It’s called the UFO Capitol of the Northeast, and there will be festivities from morning till night Saturday to celebrate the hamlet’s distinction.

Pine Bush is reportedly a hot spot for UFOs; hence The Pine Bush UFO Fair. Pine Bush is a hamlet, in the Town of Crawford in Orange County, and Shawangunk in Ulster County. The day’s events begin with a 5k race, and then Main Street is closed from 9 till 3:30, during which time local authors will talk about UFO sightings. One author is Linda Zimmermann, whose book "In the Night Sky: Hudson Valley UFO Sightings from the 1930s to the Present" prominently features Pine Bush. Then there’s a parade, a documentary film based on Zimmermann’s book, and a radio theater performance of “War of the Worlds” followed by, perhaps, a UFO sighting.