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Manufacturer Receives Funding After Flood Damage

Doug Kerr, flickr

A manufacturing site in New York’s Delaware County that suffered storm damage is receiving some federal funding to rebuild.

Republican Congressman Chris Gibson announced the $3.8 million federal disaster award from the Economic Development Administration to the Delaware County Industrial Development Agency, and it’s to purchase a new, shovel-ready site for Amphenol Aerospace. Amphenol’s site suffered severe damage from flooding from Hurricane Irene and Tropical Storm Lee.  Gibson says Amphenol is a major employer in the area, and it was essential to keep the business in Sidney. The money will assist Amphenol in paying for costs to acquire the new site; the construction of the building; extension of a natural gas line to both the existing facility and the new plant; and construction of a levee around the existing facility, which Gibson will be used by other businesses down the road.

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