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Court Delivers Two Decisions Re: Minisink Compressor Station

The U.S. Court of Appeals has issued two decisions in relation to the Minisink natural-gas compressor station in Orange County. The compressor station is being constructed in an area where many 9/11 first responders reside.

A group of residents opposing the construction of Millennium Pipeline’s natural-gas compressor station on a rural, residential road in the Hamlet of Westtown had asked the Court to grant a stay of construction, and the Court has denied the group’s request. The petitioners now await a full hearing of their case currently before the same court, a case that challenges the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s approval of the project. In addition to denying the stay of construction, the court also denied a motion by Millennium Pipeline to have the case dismissed. Some residents say they are concerned about toxic air emissions, and other environmental and safety impacts. A Millennium spokesman says the project has passed rigorous emissions and safety reviews.

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