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Manufacturing Becomes More High-Tech in the Region

  There is a trend to on-shoring of jobs in manufacturing industry, but while it may not be overwhelming, it is signally somewhat of a reversal of the off-shoring of jobs. That assessment comes from Harold King, director of the Council of Industry, which represents manufacturers in the Hudson Valley.

King said while companies have gone out of business because of foreign competition and jobs have gone overseas, it has paved the way for high-tech manufacturing in the Hudson Valley.

“It has kind of led to the niche in manufacturing that exists here in the Hudson Valley, the higher technology, higher quality, what economists say are the higher value added manufacturing is still here and thriving and that kind of goes back to the need for the worker skills and higher skilled people that we need,” he said.

King said the positive part of that is that the jobs pay well. “We’re not talking minimum wage assemblers; we are talking about skilled machinists, engineers and that type of job,” he said.