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Cahill Calls Dynegy and IBEW Officials Back to the Table

Courtesy of NYS Assemblyman Kevin Cahill

The chairman of the State Assembly Energy Committee has asked both Dynegy executives and the leadership of IBEW Local 320 to resume negotiations and enter into at least a temporary agreement to return workers to the job at the Danskammer and Roseton electric generating plants in the Town of Newburgh.

“At this critical time for energy in our state, we need to be able to count on these important assets,” Cahill said. He urged both sides to resume negotiations to resolve the argument “quickly and fairly for the sake of safety, reliability, and economic stability in the region.”

The 100 members of Local 320 went on strike three weeks ago.

Cahill said the situation is further complicated by Dynegy’s bankruptcy proceedings and plans to sell the two plants shortly. The Houston-based company also owes $23.4 million to the Marlboro School District, the Town of Newburgh and to Orange County. He said the increased uncertainly caused by the strike could head to a lower sale price and lower property taxes for the political subdivisions concerns.