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Welch Cruising Toward Re-Election to 4th Term

Rep. Peter Welch
photo provided

Democratic U.S. Representative Peter Welch is cruising to re-election to his fourth term in Washington, but he is still working to let Vermonters know he remains committed to promoting their interests.

At a recent campaign stop in South Royalton, Welch talked to seniors about health care, the federal budget and gridlock in Congress.

He said it's clear what needs to be done about the debt: everything must be on the table.

He was one of 100 House members calling for $4 trillion deficit reduction from a combination of revenues, defense and domestic cuts.

Welch says the big challenge is that the Congress is looking at everything like it's an ideological battle to be won rather than a practical problem to be solved.

Welch is being challenged by Republican Mark Donka.

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