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MacGovern Doesn't Want F-35 Planes at Vermont Airport


Republican U.S. Senate candidate John MacGovern says he doesn't think the U.S. Air Force should base F-35 fighter planes at the Burlington International Airport.

MacGovern says the area is incompatible with the next generation fighter plane that is louder than the F-16 plane now flown by the Vermont National Guard from the base.

MacGovern said it could be years before the Air Force phases out the F-16, which would give plenty of time for the Vermont Guard to find a new mission or redevelop the base.

The Air Force is in the process of deciding where it will base the next the F-35. The base at the South Burlington airport is a finalist.

MacGovern's opponent in the November election, independent U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, favors bringing the planes to Vermont.

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