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Contentious Congressional Debate in New York’s North Country


The Republican and Democrat running in New York’s new 21st Congressional District race met in a contentious televised debate this week.

The race between incumbent Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Matt Doheny has been long and antagonistic.  And that was reflected from the start of the debate broadcast on WPTZ Channel 5.  It was replete with interruptions and challenges to the accuracy of each other’s claims. Advertisements, both from the campaigns and SuperPacs, have been nasty, as noted by panelist Stephanie Gorin, who queried if the candidates were embarrassed by the tone of the campaign.  Republican Matt Doheny downplayed any negativity.

Midway thru the debate Democrat Bill Owens and Republican Matt Doheny were allowed to ask each other questions, and that’s when the  friction between them was most evident.

Audio from the Congressional debate between Incumbent Democratic Congressman Bill Owens and Republican challenger Matt Doheny is courtesy of WPTZ-Newschannel Five’s Live websteam.
The independent running in the 21st district race, Donald Hassig, did not participate in this debate.