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Northern NY Primary Shows Incumbent Winning, But Challenger Remains in Race

Preliminary results in the Republican Assembly primary in the new 115th district in northern New York was won by the incumbent.  But one of the challengers will remain on the November ballot.

Three-term Assemblyperson Janet Duprey was challenged by David Kimmel and Karen Bisso in the northern New York primary. The unofficial tally shows Duprey winning.  Clinton County Republican Commissioner of Elections Greg Campbell says turn-out in the rural district was slight.

In Franklin County there are 9153 registered Republicans and Republican Commissioner of Elections Veronica King says turn out there was low.

Clinton County Republican Chair Don Lee is a supporter of incumbent Janet Duprey.

Clinton County Democratic Party Chair Marty Mannix says the results were closer than he anticipated.

Primary Challenger Karen Bisso will remain on the November ballot on the Conservative line. She says the primary result is a clear signal from voters that they are unhappy with the incumbent.

Karen Bisso does not consider the Democrat to be a challenge and she does not believe a three-way ballot split will be a factor in November.

Democrat Marty Mannix believes there will be a split that will be advantageous for their Assembly candidate Tim Carpenter.

Republican Don Lee does not believe a split between the Republicans and Conservatives will be detrimental for Duprey.

Republican primary challenger David Kimmel says he now plans to focus his attention on his business.  Janet Duprey was unable to return calls in time for this broadcast.