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Connecticut Congressman Says "Change" Is the Winning Message for Voters

By Alan Chartock

Albany, NY – Barack Obama's message of change is going to be the message that wins with voters in November, said Connecticut 2nd Congressional District Representative Joe Courtney, speaking on WAMC's "Congressional Corner."

"This country is ready to go a different way, and I think that's the message [Obama] still has in his hip pocket," Courtney told host Alan Chartock.

The presidential campaign will be extremely tough for both sides, Courtney cautioned. Candidate Obama has "shown tremendous agility," Courtney said, but he added that this campaign will be much harder than Obama's previous experiences running for office in Illinois.

Courtney also discussed the list of potential vice presidential picks for Obama, including Joe Biden, Bill Richardson, and Kathleen Sebelius.

The VP must be a team player, Courtney emphasized.

"The first task is do no harm," he said.