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Confounding and confusing events 6/13/22

The controversy involving Roe v. Wade seems to have died down just a little bit, as the public now awaits the actual decision by the Court. One of the areas of interest to me is the fact that there appears to be a belief on the part of the anti-abortion groups that striking constitutional protection for choice will cause abortions to cease, at least in red states. We need only to look to the war on drugs which has in large measure been a bust (excuse the pun), outlawing alcohol was also unsuccessful, and yet we seemed to be focused on criminalization without any realistic investment in aiding those who may need assistance in these circumstances. I am prochoice, and I once had a priest tell my father (an old-line Brooklyn Irish Catholic) when I was running for office that he saw me as prochoice and he knew very few people who were pro-abortion, but rather people were faced with complex choices in their lives.

Carl Paladino is running for a Congressional seat in Western New York and has been quoted as praising Hitler. Who endorsed him? Ms. Stefanik.

Target announced it was marking down inventory which was interpreted as a lack of confidence in the economy going forward, and guess what – the market took a dive.

Marjorie Taylor Green has apparently been tweeting in response to the Canadian proposal to ban certain weapons. Her tweets have included “I have a proposal to Canada to solve this, give us all your guns since you don’t want them, and freedom loving anti-vax Canadians, especially your truckers and those who supported them.” She continues, “and in return we will give you our Democrats including Biden’s administration, Congressional Dems, resister federal employees, Hollywood commies, trans terrorist teachers, WOK corporate CEOs, super vaxxers, and we will throw in a bonus – George Soros, and all his money.” She finishes up with “we will all be so happy”. Now I wonder if our Congresswoman, Ms. Stefanik, can top that one given her tweets quoted in my commentary over the last several weeks. This falls under the category of “how crazy are you?”.

Continuing on the theme of guns, I saw posted on Facebook; “Perhaps now is the time for all Patriotic Americans who own assault weapons to donate them to the Ukrainian soldiers to kill the real Commies”.

It seems police from around Texas have descended on Uvalde to purportedly protect the mourning families including forcing the news media off public spaces. I wonder if part of that motivation is to protect the Chief of Police for the school district who acted at best, incompetently, or is he the same as the Parkland cop who ran or hid.

What should Democrats learn from California primaries and DA recall? It seems elemental that this low turnout election message is clear – get back to the center and focus on pocketbook issues and safety on our streets.

Listening to local news is becoming as disturbing as National and World news. We used to hear about traffic lights, street closings, store openings, new businesses, and sports, now it’s a steady drip of violence and discord.

The Wall Street Journal recently headlined an article which indicated Powell had the last word on inflation. He has fingered the supply chain, government expenditures during the Pandemic, and cheap money. Not either President Biden nor Mr. Trump’s fault.

As inflation soars it is important to repeat earlier analysis. Republicans and Democrats supported big government spending through PPP loans, expanded unemployment, quantitative easing, and other programs which clearly helped keep us out of recession in 2020 and 2021. Those same payments have caused the inflation we are now experiencing. The fact that politicians are shocked and the public outraged is simply ignorance. One solution begot inflation. Which is better – a recession in 2020/2021, or inflation now?

The first hearing of the January 6 committee was a compelling story demonstrating that the stolen election narrative was a knowing lie. Not misinformed, not confused, but known by the proponents to be false. Mr. Bar, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Mike Pence, and a long list of others knew the truth. I was shocked by the clarity of the evil intent, nevertheless, as one Republican strategist noted, it is unlikely to move the needle as opinions of Trump are fixed.

My respect for Ms. Stefanik has been dwindling and her comments about the Committee’s work has completely depleted it. She is, along with other Trump-sycophants, a danger to the Republic.

In the world of no surprises, Trump has gone after Ivanka for her testimony. A man of stout loyalty to family.

Carl Paladino is running for a Congressional seat in Western New York and has been quoted as praising Hitler. Who endorsed him? Ms. Stefanik.

Bill Owens is a former member of Congress representing the New York 21st, a partner in Stafford, Owens, Piller, Murnane, Kelleher and Trombley in Plattsburgh, NY and a Strategic Advisor at Dentons to Washington, DC.

The views expressed by commentators are solely those of the authors. They do not necessarily reflect the views of this station or its management.

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  • This month’s American Legion Magazine discusses Alan Greenblatt’s analysis of inflation which focuses on supply snafus accounting for much of current inflation, while many blame demand caused by too much government spending. This article also points out the fact that massive outlays by the federal government made it possible to stimulate the desired production of goods and services, and quote Mr. Greenblatt as indicating that there is no free lunch, everything having a cost, and inflation is the inevitable cost of recovering from the pandemic recession. Democrats and Republicans, President Biden and President Trump both share the blame associated with government spending, but they also deserve credit for doing it.
  • Recently, Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas called out the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with regard to the atmosphere on the court before 2005, and he is quoted as saying, “We actually trusted each other. We may have been a dysfunctional family, but we were a family and we loved it.” This clearly implies that Justice Roberts has somehow disrupted that process. It would seem to me from observing the Court, that the person who is most disruptive, dower and sour is Justice Thomas himself, and when combined with Justice Alito, one can only imagine the negative, unhappy group that they makeup, and thus, fail to contribute to any sense of harmony on the Court. The continuing comments by Justice Thomas, the disclosures about his wife and his inability to see that he has to recuse himself in certain matters in incredibly disturbing.
  • The new Congressional map for New York certainly takes away some substantial opportunities from Democrats. What is really ironic is that Republicans are always complaining about Democratic Judges, but in this instance the great likelihood is that the majority of the people who voted to overturn the map at the Appellate Division, as well as the Court of Appeals, are Democrats, and thus, they have proven that they are Judges, not political appointees. It is unfortunate that the Republicans can’t say the same in other states where this type of activity has taken place in terms of jerrymandering, but their courts have upheld their maps almost exclusively with Republican Judges. To say that there is a high level of hypocrisy and inconsistency would be a gross understatement.