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Any Questions #417: Famous Mounts

Whiteface Mountain
Pat Bradley/WAMC
Whiteface Mountain

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel go for a climb.Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase BEST PICTURE. Rearrange the letters to spell a seven-letter word for something you might get when you purchase a ticket and a four-letter word for something you might get when you use a ticket. What are the words?
Answer: The words are RECEIPT and STUB.

On-air questions: On August 23, 1838, Mount Holyoke College graduated its first students. Then known as Mount Holyoke Female Seminary, the institution's first class of graduates consisted of Sarah Brigham, Abigail Moore, and Persis C. Woods. In 1888, Mount Holyoke received its collegiate charter and became Mount Holyoke Seminary and College. The following year, students could enroll in bachelor's degrees, and within a few years, the seminary enrollment dropped from the mid-200s to 8. After the seminary course was discontinued in 1893, the institution changed its name again to Mount Holyoke College. To commemorate the first graduating class of Mount Holyoke, this week our questions are about other famous mounts.

1. Mount Washington, along with a number of other peaks named for U.S. presidents and other prominent public figures, is part of the Presidential Range of the White Mountains in what New England state?
2. The 2000 documentary The Man on Lincoln's Nose is about art director Robert F. Boyle, who worked with director Alfred Hitchcock on a number of his films, including 1963's The Birds, 1964's Marnie, and what 1959 film that features a climactic scene on Mount Rushmore, the location which inspired the title of the documentary?
3. What four-word name is given to the speech given by Jesus that appears in the book of Matthew – the longest such speech by him in the New Testament – and includes, among other things, a group of blessings known as the Beatitudes and the Lord's Prayer?
4. In Westchester County, there are three stations on the Harlem Line of the Metro-North Commuter railroad with the word "mount" in their names: Mount Vernon West, Mount Pleasant, and which station, which comes between Chappaqua and Bedford Hills?
5. Complete this analogy:  Sagarmatha : Mount Everest :: Denali : [?]

Extra credit
1. In 2016, what author revealed Mount Greylock in western Massachusetts to be the location of Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry?
2. The Great Wave of Kanagawa is perhaps the best known image in a series collectively known as Thirty-Six Views of what?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase MOUNT RAINIER. Add a letter and you can rearrange the result to spell a seven-letter word for a type of leafy vegetable and a six-letter word for a root vegetable. What are the words?

On-air questions

1. New Hampshire
2. North by Northwest
3. Sermon on the Mount
4. Mount Kisco
5. Mount McKinley

Extra credit
1. J.K. Rowling
2. Mount Fuji


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