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Any Questions #320 - "Galaxies"

Resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel and WAMC's Ian Pickus try to hit one out of this world.

Last week's challenge
Start with the phrase THE COMEDY STORE. Rearrange the letters and you can spell a six-letter tool associated with agriculture and an eight-letter instrument associated with cars.

On-air questions: On October 13, 1773, what would become known as the Whirlpool Galaxy was discovered by astronomer Charles Messier. Originally called M51 in Messier's catalog of nebulae, star clusters, galaxies, and other objects in space, the Whirlpool Galaxy was the first one to be classified as a spiral galaxy, the same classification as would eventually be applied to the Milky Way. To commemorate the discovery of the Whirlpool Galaxy, this week our questions are about galaxies.

1. In 2016, production and sales of a smartphone called the Galaxy Note 7 were halted after customers experienced problems with the batteries, some due to defects in the batteries and some because of manufacturing issues with the replacement phones. What company recalled the Galaxy Note 7?
2. A brand of milk chocolate known as Galaxy in the United Kingdom, Ireland, India, and other countries is known as Dove in the U.S. and other places. In 2014, Galaxy was the second-highest selling brand of chocolate bar behind what classic English chocolate brand?
3. In the original 1969 comics, the group included Major Vance Astro, Captain Charlie-27, Starhawk, and Aleta. In the 2008 version – and in two feature films based on that version – it includes Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Gamora, and Groot. By what collective name do we know these teams of superheroes?
4. Founded in 1994, the Major League Soccer club called the L.A. Galaxy made headlines in 2007 when they announced the signing of what player, who, prior to his time with the Galaxy, played for Real Madrid and Manchester United?
5. In 2015, typing "A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away" into a Google search box returned results that crawled from the bottom of the screen to the top while the theme song to what movie franchise played in the background?

Extra credit
1. In its final issue in 2014, the official magazine of what company named Super Mario Galaxy as the greatest game it produced throughout its history?
2. A February 1951 issue magazine called Galaxy Science Fiction published a story titled "The Fireman." The story would later be expanded and released as a novel (under a different title) by what author?

This week's challenge
Start with the word ANDROMEDA. Add a letter and you can rearrange the result to spell the ten-letter title of a film about an asteroid. What is the title?

On-air questions

1. Samsung
2. Cadbury
3. Guardians of the Galaxy
4. David Beckham
5. Star Wars

Extra credit
1. Nintendo
2. Ray Bradbury


A lifelong resident of the Capital Region, Ian joined WAMC in late 2008 and became news director in 2013. He began working on Morning Edition and has produced The Capitol Connection, Congressional Corner, and several other WAMC programs. Ian can also be heard as the host of the WAMC News Podcast and on The Roundtable and various newscasts. Ian holds a BA in English and journalism and an MA in English, both from the University at Albany, where he has taught journalism since 2013.
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