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Any Questions #169

WAMC's Ian Pickus and resident quizzer Mike Nothnagel put it in gear for this week's show.

Last week's challenge
Start with the location Norwegian Roald Amundsen became the first to reach on December 14, 1911. Rearrange the letters and you can spell a five-letter word for a thing that can be built and a four-letter word for a place where it might be built. What are the words?
Answer: SOUTH POLE, you can build a HOUSE on a PLOT.

On-air questions: November 21, 1945 was the start of a 113-day nationwide strike by the United Auto Workers against General Motors. More than 300,000 people took part in what was, to that point, the longest strike by the UAW against a major manufacturer, and the longest national strike against G.M. in its history. To commemorate that historic event, this week each correct answer in our quiz has the initials G.M.
1. Born Anna Mary Robertson in Greenwich, NY, the artist who began painting in earnest at the age of 78, and had her first solo exhibition (titled What A Farm Wife Painted) two years later, is better known by what name?
2. Introduced in February of 2005, what application has features called Street View and Business View and provides driving, walking, and public transportation options when you ask for directions?
3. Known for creating television shows like Happy Days and Mork & Mindy, who went on to direct the hit movies Beaches and Pretty Woman, and has a sister Penny who is also a famous director?
4. Who served as ambassador to the Soviet Union, Minister of Labor, Minister of Foreign Affairs, and Minister of Internal Affairs before being elected the fourth prime minister of Israel in 1969?
5. What advertising slogan was first used in October of 1993 and, since 1995, has been used in print ads featuring celebrities and fictional characters asking "Where's your mustache?"

Extra credit
1. What reptile is the only venomous lizard native to the United States (and one of only two such lizards native to North America), and is the mascot of Eastern Arizona College?
2. First discovered in the 18th century by physician Frederich Hoffmann in 1740, rubella is commonly known by what two-word name?

This week's challenge
Start with the phrase ON STRIKE. Change one letter to a W, then rearrange the result to spell a word for a place people don't go when they're on strike. What is it?

On-air questions

1. Grandma Moses
2. Google Maps
3. Garry Marshall
4. Golda Meir
5. "Got Milk?"

Extra credit
1. Gila monster
2. German measles

A lifelong resident of the Capital Region, Ian joined WAMC in late 2008 and became news director in 2013. He began working on Morning Edition and has produced The Capitol Connection, Congressional Corner, and several other WAMC programs. Ian can also be heard as the host of the WAMC News Podcast and on The Roundtable and various newscasts. Ian holds a BA in English and journalism and an MA in English, both from the University at Albany, where he has taught journalism since 2013.
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