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Paul Dano

The Woodstock Film Festival will present a screening of So Yong Kim's latest film, For Ellen. The screening will take place at Upstate Films in Woodstock on Saturday, August 18, 3 pm and a Q&A with actor, Paul Dano, filmmaker, So Yong Kim and producer, Jen Gatien, will follow the screening.

Paul Dano stars as Joby Taylor, a struggling musician who is forced to face the fact that he may lose all rights to interact with his daughter, Ellen. She is six years old and he hasn't been around for her before now - but - a final divorce settlement with his ex-wife includes the provision that he will relinquish custody and he has to examine what that will mean to him and to his daughter.

Paul Dano's previous film credits include L.I.E., Little Miss Sunshine, There Will Be Blood, and - currently in theaters, Ruby Sparks.
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