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51% #1581: What It Takes To Lead The Way While Daring To Be You

Marianne Schnall

On this week’s 51%, we spend time with author and activist Marianne Schnall, who, along with her interview subjects, helps women and girls lead the way.

Marianne Schnall is the founder of feminist.com and What Will It Take — a media, collaboration, and social engagement platform that inspires, connects and engages women to advance in all levels of leadership and take action. She’s also a journalist and author. Her latest books are “Leading the Way: Inspiring Words for Women on How to Live and Lead with Courage, Confidence, and Authenticity” and “Dare to Be You: Inspirational Advice for Girls on Finding Your Voice, Leading Fearlessly, and Making a Difference.”

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Secretary-General Antonio Guterres was unusually blunt: Women are excluded from many peace tables nearly two decades after the U.N. adopted a landmark resolution calling for women to be included in decision-making positions at every level of peacemaking and peacebuilding. The U.N. chief told the Security Council October 29 that sexual and gender-based violence remain weapons of war and a growing number of armed groups promote male superiority and misogyny as part of their core ideology.

The Security Council meeting began with the unanimous adoption of a resolution urging all countries to implement the provisions of all previous resolutions "by ensuring and promoting the full, equal and meaningful participation of women in all stages of peace processes." It urges that this be done both in delegations of parties negotiating agreements "and in the mechanisms set up to implement and monitor agreements." 

PARIS (AP) — A French government panel on domestic violence is urging authorities to begin confiscating guns from people following the first complaint of family violence levied against them.

That proposal was one of 65 recommendations released October 29 to tackle the problem of domestic violence in France, where a woman is killed by her partner every three days, according to government statistics. French gender equality minister Marlene Schiappa says it’s the first time that France has undertaken a comprehensive national effort to address domestic violence. She says most of domestic violence killings in France are carried out with guns, arguing that if authorities take away the weapons that could reduce such deaths.

Other proposals include mandatory reporting requirements for health professionals who witness signs of domestic violence and new protocols for police responding to domestic violence complaints.

The recommendations will now go to government ministries and France's National Assembly and Senate to consider making them into law. The commission will formally conclude its work on November 25, the international day for the elimination of violence against women. 

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