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51% Show #1344

On this week’s 51%, we’ll hear from singer/songwriter Mary Gauthier. Plus, the head of Fair Trade Africa wants to effect change, and a bit about birdsong.

Mary Gauthier is on tour with her latest album, Trouble & Love. She has seen plenty of both: an orphan and teenage runaway, former addict and alcoholic, and restaurateur. 51%’s Ian Pickus spoke with Gauthier during one of her stops in New York.  

In Kenya, there’s a woman who is determined to change things for the better. Dr. NyagoyNyong’o is the head of Fair Trade Africa as well as other organizations. Jesse Wingard presents the interview for DeutscheWelle.   

That DW-Radio report was by Linda Stouder and presented by Jesse Wingard. 

We come full circle and close our show with song, birdsong that is. Here’s a story that does not draw the line between male and female, for a change. The line is drawn between country and city. Birds are making adjustments to live with increasing levels of human-generated noise. One Virginia scholar says that some city-dwelling birds are actually changing their accents so they can be heard over the traffic. Lilia Fuquen reports. 

  So if we change our tune, will we be heard?

And that’s our show for this week. Thanks to Katie Britton for production assistance. Our executive producer is Dr. Alan Chartock. Our theme music is Glow in the Dark by Kevin Bartlett. This show is a national production of Northeast Public Radio. 

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