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FM: National Productions
DT: Friday June 8, 2012
RE: 51% Show #1195
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Here is this week's information on 51% #1195.
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Annia Ciezadlo went to Iraq with her husband, who was there to cover the war.  For three years, she learned about the culture her own way – through the local food.  She compiled what she learned in the book Day of Honey – A Memoir of Food, Love, and War.  She spoke with 51%’s Katie Britton about what she learned from the cuisine of the Middle East.

9:19 Ciezadlo  Britton

Coming up, a life coach for boomers preparing for their next act.  And an update from Susan Dyer – on liars, fiddlers and tourists in Juneau, Alaska.  If you missed part of this show or want to hear it again, visit the 51% archives at wamc.org.  This week’s show is #1195.


It’s something all women face – that transition from youth to maturity, from motherhood to empty nester, from career woman to the search for something more.  This week’s Alive and Kicking segment with Dr. Sharon Ufberg features a woman who specializes in helping boomer women prepare for their next act.

4:18  Carol Lorraine Ufberg

Dr. Sharon Ufberg is an integrative health care practitioner who hosts a regular “Alive and Kicking” segment here on 51%.  She’s also featured on KVON/KVYN The Vine in Napa Valley and writes for Women’s eNews.

Finally, we met Susan Dyer when she first left her job as a writer in Rochester to take a teaching job in Juneau,  Alaska.  She was drawn by the adventure, by the newness, by the unknown.  She’s since added the job of radio show host to her resume, made a new circle of friends and survived her first Alaskan winter.  When she filed this report about a month ago, she was preparing for the tourist season.

5:50  Alaska Diary  Dyer

Susan Dyer is a writer and radio show host.  She lives in Juneau, Alaska.


That’s our show for this week. 

Thanks to Katie Britton for production assistance.  Our theme music is by Kevin Bartlett. This show is a national production of Northeast Public Radio.  Our executive producer is Dr. Alan Chartock.

If you’d like to hear this show again, or visit the 51% archives, go to our website at WAMC.org. You can also find a regular column related to 51% at feminist.com.

Thanks so much for joining us, we’ll be back next week with another edition of 51% The Women's Perspective.

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