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51% Show #1188

FM: National Productions
DT: Friday April 20, 2012
RE: 51% Show #1188
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The entertainment industry frenzy over the return of AMC’s Mad Men series highlights our fascination with an era that in decorating terms is now known as mid-century modern. The Peyton Place antics of the advertising company seem too big to be true. But according to a woman who was there – a real life Peggy Olson, they’ve got it right. Jane Maas, one of the women pioneers of advertising, has written in Mad Women: The Other Side of Life on Madison Avenue in the '60s and Beyond that it’s all true – with one exception. Women had to wear gloves and heels in the office – and women copywriters had to wear hats, too. She was immersed in that world, working at a firm run by the legendary David Ogilvy and she spoke with 51%’s Katie Britton.

8:47  Jane Maas   Britton

Coming up, measure gross national happiness… looking at financial books for women with a critical eye, and remembering one of World War II’s heroines. If you missed part of this show or want to hear it again, visit the 51% archives at wamc.org.  This week’s show is #1188.


Personal finance expert Manisha Thakor’s written two books on money management for women – but she read an article that made her question whether she was actually creating problems, rather than solving them.

4:17  Money Books  Thakor

Manisha Thakor is a personal finance expert, an author, teacher and the founder of MoneyZen.  Find out more at manishathakor.com.

Gross National Product, or the total value of a country's economic activity for a year, has long been the accepted measure of society’s progress and health. But GNP is an indicator of national wealth – and there’s a lot it doesn’t measure.

Since the 1970s Bhutan has been experimenting with another yardstick that ties prosperity to well-being. Charles Appel reports.

2:57  GNH  UN Radio

Finally – throughout history there are stories of people who sacrifice their own happiness for a greater good. Today Gilles Malkine has the story of one such person – a writer who put down her pen, walked into danger, and never looked back.

3:55  Hanna Szenes  Malkine

Gilles Malkine is a writer and musician. He lives in New York’s Catskill Mountains.


That’s our show for this week. Thanks to Katie Britton for production assistance. Our theme music is by Kevin Bartlett.

If you’d like to hear this show again, or visit the 51% archives, go to our website at WAMC.org. You can also find a regular column related to 51% at feminist.com.

Thanks so much for joining us…we’ll be back next week with another edition of 51% The Women's Perspective.

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