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Albany, NY – Whether you get your news from cable or satellite television, one thing hasn't changed - mainstream media is still controlled by men. Despite the women behind the anchor desks, a group whose ranks have grown steadily, few women are in the very top positions or, perhaps more importantly, on the Boards of Directors of the major networks and cable news stations. Pat Mitchell is one of the first - she was the president and CEO of PBS, the first woman and first producer and journalist to hold the position. Pat Mitchell is now president and CEO of the Paley Center for Media and when we met at this fall's Omega Women and Power Conference, she said she's convinced there's a media revolution about to begin.

12:38 Pat Mitchell

Pat Mitchell is president and CEO of the Paley Center for Media.

During more than twenty years of civil war in Uganda, more than 35 thousand children were abducted, and trained to be soldiers for the rebel forces. Jane Ekayu, a trauma counselor featured in the documentary "Children of War" (produced and directed by Bryan Single), counsels former child soldiers as they try to transition back to their families. UNICEF radio reports.

4:08 Children of War UNICEF

Jane Ekayu is a trauma counselor helping former child soldiers in Uganda. She's featured in a new documentary, "Children of War." Want to find out more? UNICEF.org has more information not only about the film, but about what's going on in Uganda.

And finally, Selena Rezvani has some thoughts on how we measure women's success. There are plenty of magazines that like to tell us about women at the top - but maybe it would mean more to us to hear about the women who are pushing their way up from the middle of the pack.

4:06 Afraid of Average Rezvani

Selena Rezvani is an author and speaker on women's leadership. You can find out more at nextgenwomen.com