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51% Show # 1038


Albany, NY – Leaders may be elected, they may be hired, or they may be thrust into the position by circumstance. Today we'll look at leadership and the women who assume it. The Goldman awards began twenty years ago to honor environmental activists from around the globe. Correspondent Laura Iiyama spoke with this year's winners in Washington:

7:33 Goldman Iiyama

Lithuania has elected its first female president...a political outsider who's got a reputation for toughness on financial issues. She won 69 percent of the vote. Network Europe's Cindy Taylor has more on the election of Dalha Gree-baus Kaite.

2:59 Lithuania

That report comes to us courtesy of Network Europe.

The Closer, Saving Grace, Southland - there are women top cops on television. But real life women in law enforcement are still in the minority. Marion Gold was fascinated by their stories...and wrote a book she called "Top Cops." It's ten years old now...but the world it describes hasn't changed much.

7:48 Cops - Gold

Marion Gold is the author of Top Cops: Profiles of Women in Command. It is published by Brittany Publications.

And finally, a consideration of the future of America's struggling newspapers. Jackie O'Neal is head of the O'Neal Media Group.

2:05 Newspaper O'Neal

Jackie O'Neal leads the O'Neal Media Group in New Jersey.