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Albany, NY – The job of the journalist is to dig to the truth, and then make sure it is told. That's a dangerous mission in many parts of the world. But 40 women, all amateur journalists are risking their lives to try to stop the use of rape as a weapon in the Congo. They formed the South Kivu Women's Media Association...and co- founder Franchou Namegabe spoke with me by phone when she was visiting Washington DC. She apologized for her English, but her story is compelling.

4:17 Congo Journalist - Barnett

Or if you want an overview of women's issues in the Congo as well as the rest of the world, visit womensenews.org . The South Kivu Women's Media Association was featured as the women's enews journalists of the month in March.

Nobel peace prize winner Shirin Ebadi continues her push for human rights and democracy in Iran.
She became the first Iranian to receive the award, back in 2003. She recently visited Washington, DC where she called for improving relations between Iran and the US. She also spoke of progress in Iran. Correspondent Laura Iiyama has more:

4:05 Ebadi Iiyama

Next, a little bit of her-story. Producer Katie Britton will be occasionally offering profiles of remarkable, magnificent women who weren't afraid to shake up the status quo. We call it "She's All That." Today, civil rights pioneer Ida Wells.

8:23 Wells Britton

And finally, we've got another new contributor...and she's someone you'll be glad you know in today's world. Manisha Thakor has an MBA from Harvard...she's the co-author of On My Own Two Feet, a guide to economic independence for women, and occasionally does financial commentary on CNN. Today she discusses something many Americans now categorize with the tooth fairy - retirement.

3:39 Manisha Thakor Retirement

Manisha Thakor's new book, due out in 2010, is Getting Financially Naked: How To Talk About Money With Your Mate.