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51% Show # 1021


Albany, NY – The Obama administration took over facing problems from every direction - there are assaults on many fronts: environmental, political, military, economic and social. And there is no consensus on which problem takes priority - which ones can wait. For many in the US - there's nothing more important than the economy. That's because they're in trouble - and they're losing their homes at alarming rates. Aime Jackson knows firsthand...she was nearly evicted - and she hadn't missed a mortgage payment.

Foreclosure - Jackson

Want to know more? Need some help? You can track down Aime Jackson at AdvocateAime.com...she spells her name A-I-M-E. She handles all the requests herself - at least for now.


Coming up, insight into the connection between the three furies...poverty, addiction and mental illness.

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Which comes first - poverty, mental illness or addiction? Or do they have to go hand in hand. Producer Dawn Dryer spent six weeks in a North Carolina residential facility for substance abusers...and she filed this report for North Carolina public radio.

6:48 Three Furies PRX

And finally, let's focus on girls. "Girls can be cruel" mom used to say. Actually, girls can be bullies. And Carol Dellasega has a book called "Girl Wars" that talks about what can be done.

4:35 Dellasega - Bullying Barnett

Dellasega has tips for the girls being bullied, too. The book is "Girl Wars" by Carol Dellasega. It is published by Simon and Shuster.