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51% Show # 1012


Albany, NY – When gasoline shot up close to five dollars a gallon, we stopped driving. Statistics showed traffic dropped, gas sales dropped, and car sales are plummeting. We may have a reprieve on the gas prices, but the search for alternatives to fossil fuel has gotten serious. One of the weirdest looking alternatives to come on the scene is the Aptera...it looks kind of like a space age insect....in fact, Aptera is Greek for wingless flight. And company chief marketing officer Tony Kirton believes this little electric bug is going to go far.

8:41 Aptera - Tony Kirton - Barnett

Aptera's a California phenomenon now, but the plan is to eventually create manufacturing plants all over the country...turning out regionally suited cars in the region where they'll be sold. Bet you want to see it now, don't you? You can find lots and lots of information at aptera.com.

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Coming up on 51%, how the good old Ford is planning for a new, gas-less world.

If you missed part of our show, you can listen to 51% anytime. Just download our podcast at wamc.org or call 1-800-323-9262 to order a CD - you'll need to know the program number. This week's show is #1012. (10:51)

When Henry Ford rolled out the first Model T, he probably never imagined how the car would change the world. But now cars are changing. Carrie Majeskie heads a department that, until recently, didn't exist in the company...sustainability.

3:48 Ford - Majeskie Barnett

There's lots more information on Ford's race to go green at Ford.com.

As part of our National Science Foundation, "The Sounds of Progress" series, narrator Kate Mulgrew introduces us to Mary Sommerville. In the 1800s, she was THE writer if you wanted to know about science.

2:00 NSF #20 Sommerville

If you'd like to find out more or hear more in this series, visit www.womeninscience.org.

Finally today, it's Artspace. Meet Sabrina Artel. She travels around the country towing her 60s vintage beeline trailer, talking to people, recording the conversations she has at her kitchen table and turning those talks into a radio show. I met her when she pulled the trailer into my town.

5:01 Artel

Want to find out more and figure out where Sabrina will be next? Go to SabrinaArtel.com.