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Albany, NY – Eve Ensler started her study of vaginas with research for a one-woman show that she put on in New York's Greenwich Village. The result was the Vagina Monologues, a wildly successful show that took Ensler from the Village on a national tour for years.

In 1998, she brought in other actresses like Glenn Close and turned the Vagina Monologues into a bigger phenomenon called V-day - a group of women performed the show, and proceeds supported a fund to raise awareness of domestic violence. 10 years later, V-day is going strong and Ensler continues to champion her cause. I spoke with her about the history of the Vagina Monologues, and the upcoming V-day tour.

Even though V-Day takes place on February 14th, the V in the event's title doesn't stand for Valentine. The fundraising arm of Eve Ensler's Vagina Monologues, V-day is turning 10 this year. And hudreds of schools around the world are participating in the campaign, which raises money to stop violence against women. 51%'s Allison Clark is a Senior at Skidmore, which has been celebrating V-day for 7 years. She took her first trip to V-day this year.

Remember those small paper valentines you exchanged as a child? 1955 saw the birth of the Civil Rights Movement and the beginning of school desegregation. They were unsafe and worrisome times, especially in big cities like St. Louis, where white neighborhoods experienced an influx of poor rural black folks. Susan Price went to a parochial school that welcomed African-American children, but her white parents were not so enlightened. This short-short story recounts a single moment in time. Valentine's Day, 1955.

There are plenty of reasons that people stay single: they focus on their careers, they like the independence, they don't feel like committing to another person. But as producer Chana Joffe-Walt discovered, some women stay alone simply because of their geography.

And now, I can't help it, we're going to get just a little mushy on you. Here's a piece from producer Barrett Golding in which three couples discuss love and life. To top it off, Golding made this piece as a Valentine's Day gift to his wife.